Once I started looking for the names and stories of women and women of color, who were/are accomplished in STEM fields, I was completely bowled over. It brought tears to my eyes to see how many incredible women there were who had walked the path before me. As women/women of color in STEM fields, we are often put in the position of feeling like we're "the only one" or dealing with situations where it seems like "this has not happened before"...but there's no reason to feel isolated when you take a look around and see how many women have come before, and held the door open so that we can stand where we stand today. This is my homage to the many women, the sisters, sistas, and SiStars who shined a light on the path that we now walk upon. Peace.

Lyrics, vocals and video by Kat; beats, recording, mixing and mastering by Batsauce.